Proper fruit selection leads to great juice, which is the base for all great ciders. 

To step it up a notch, our unique ciders are blended with incredible local fruits and herbs that speak to our region. We pick fresh California produce, sourced from local growers just a few miles down the road from our cider house!




Time is the #1 ingredient

From the press to the barrel, and then into your glass. Of course that sounds easy, add several months to the equation and you have a pretty decent cider to enjoy.


The finishing process - Secondary Fermentation

We spend several months tasting, smelling, watching and listening to our ciders. This helps us to gain an intimate understanding of our living creations, each of which has a unique soul and personality. When the cider tells us it is ready, we carefully move it to the bottle or keg where it will undergo the natural finishing process of "bottle conditioning".